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Fee Schedule



911 Emergency Calls
1 Advanced Life Support (ALS) $416.00
2 Basic Life Support (BLS) $367.00
3 CINCO Members $187.00
4 Treatment – Non Transport $150.00
5 Application of LUCAS 2 $110.00
Interfaculty Transports
1 Advanced Life Support (ALS) $416.00
2 Basic Life Support (BLS) $367.00
3 Neo-natal, High Risk & CCT $550.00
Special Events
1 Request for a dedicated ambulance $140.00/hr
2 Request utilizing mini-ambulance cart $100.00/hr
Public Education Course & Material Fees
1 American Heart Association Heartsaver AED Course $35.00/person
2 American Heart Association First Aid Course w/CPR $45.00/person
3 Basic Life Support & CPR for CI Government Employees $45.00/person
4 Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) $200.00/person
5 Pediatric Advance Life Support (PALS) $200.00/person
Note: All medical supplies used during transports will be billed separately
All prices are in Cayman Islands Dollars (KYD)