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Community Services

Cayman Islands MedEvac Ambulance Services is committed to making the Cayman Islands the best places to live and work. Here's a few events CI MedEvac and it's team members commit their time, services and efforts doing:


  • Host free quartly District CPR training for all district residents who sign up in advance via our Events & Course page.
  • Donated four (4) Heart AED's to the National Flag Carrier of the Cayman Islands, Cayman Airways Ltd (CAL) and provided the nessary training to all crew members. Each of CAL's 737 fleet will be equip with an AED on all flights giving that person who may need it a chance at life again.
  • Participate in school programs which offers young adults real-life experience without the real-life risk of the hazards of alcohol-related, speeding and texting while driving.
  • Participate in career day festivities forlocal  middle and high schools.
  • Offering at risk middle and high school students with a intrest in EMS a work expericence in all our departments during their summer break whilst giving them a few bucks each week with efforts of turning them into productive citizen of soceity.