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Ambulance Services

Cayman Islands MedEvac Ltd utilizes only jet services. The primary purpose for using jet service for medical transport is to save time while maintaining appropriate, specialized critical care capabilities for the patient. This applies in cases where getting the patient to appropriate definitive care quickly is essential and also in the situations necessitating minimizing time outside of the critical care facility. Efficient and highly effective communication and on board computer technology combined with an ongoing state of preparedness enable us to respond quickly to urgent medical transport situations while maintaining a safe operating environment for all involved. Each member of our team, which includes Flight Nurses, Flight Paramedics, Medical Director, Pilots, Mechanics, and Communications Center Specialists, is specially trained for air medical transport service and works diligently to keep the aircraft and equipment ready to respond rapidly. Experienced team members is our greatness asset.


Cayman Islands MedEvac Ltd will honor the goals of our core values to each and every flight, "treat all persons with dignity, hospitality and compassion" by providing comprehensive medical transportation services that will support a healthy community. We will aim to always provide the most efficient and cost effective air ambulance service in the region to all our patients and clients.