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Cayman Islands MedEvac will honor the goals of our core values to each and every call, "treat all persons with dignity, hospitality and compassion" by providing comprehensive medical transportation services that will support a healthy community. We will aim to always provide the most efficient and cost effective ambulance services in the region to all our patients and clients.


Cayman Islands MedEvac employs extraordinary people to provide extraordinary emergency medical services. Our team members include Paramedics, EMTs, EMDs, EMS billing staff and QA & QI support staff.

Our Team members benefit from the latest EMS technologies, inclusive management practices and remit based advancement opportunities. We recruit, hire and educate, and retain the best of the best.

We are and must remain innovative and adaptive to our dynamic environment. Our equipment and technology must not only meet the standard, but far exceed it. A example of this is being the first ambulance company in the Caribbean to carry the LUCAS 2 system on our Quick Response Vehicle (QRV).